The Provident Party

is a new global political movement to combat divisive forces and bring people together in a final push for world peace to honour the sacrifice of the generations that have given their everything so that we may live in the way that we do.

The Provident Party is hoping to take the world by storm with a bold, striking, brilliant plan to end war and hunger creating nothing less than a paradise on earth. Its ultimate objective is to ensure every child on the planet has food in their stomachs, knowledge in their minds, and courage in their hearts.

food, knowledge, courage

The Provident Party

believes in small government alongside a big, strong, beautiful society in which people are free to express their own unique individuality yet are bound by a simple, well defined, highly venerated and fiercely defended code of honour.

We now live in a global world, with global problems, that require a global approach, hence, with its radical and revolutionary political movement The Provident Party will seize power in the vast majority of the world’s countries so that governments all across the planet can act in unison.

strength, honour, brilliance

To signify the end of war

and hunger and the beginning of what will be a golden age on earth The Provident Party is going to hold a worldwide debt jubilee in which all debt will be forgiven.

The debt jubilee will be accompanied by the introduction of a new global currency replacing all national currencies. The primary effect of the debt jubilee will be to remove the mortgages of homeowners so they can live mortgage-free. We are also going to disband social housing associations and relinquish ownership of council houses gifting the property to the tenants so they can also live rent/mortgage-free in a property they own. Finally, for those renting privately, we are going to buy out their landlords and gift the home to the tenants so they too can live in a property with no rent or mortgage that they own. Basically, everyone will have a property they own and can live in rent/mortgage-free. This is of course not just a burden off everyone’s back, it is also simultaneously a pay rise.

your own piece

of heaven on earth

To mark the occasion

we are going to introduce a new global calendar in which we will give new names to the days of the week and new names to the months of the year so that in a small way everyone will be speaking the same language.

The year, like all the debt, will go back to zero. On the day of transition from the old calendar to the new, by day we will all gather to share a special meal where we will say a silent prayer in the hope that the peace we have together achieved is everlasting and to give thanks for the sacrifice of that which dies so that we may live. By night we will dance, tell stories and renew our sense of goodwill to all.

The words of the days of the week and the months of the year will be the foundation for a new global language. A worldwide federation of philosophers, linguists and artists will create the symbols, sounds, and signs with which people will write, speak and sign. Children will be taught two languages at school, their native language and the global language.

unity, humour, generosity

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